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February 2015 ~ PIECE BL☼G

Thursday, February 19, 2015

OnePlus Two Release Date Confirmed For Q2/Q3 2015; Oxygen OS Gets Detailed

OnePlus has confirmed the OnePlus Two will arrive Q2/Q3 2015

The OnePlus One was one of 2014’s surprise hits. Produced by Chinese upstart OnePlus, and designed to do battle with Samsung’s Galaxy S5, the HTC One M8 and the Google Nexus 5. The OnePlus One aimed to deliver high-end specs and a no-nonsense user experience for very little money. And it sort of succeeded too –– the only real issue with the handset is that OnePlus can’t seem to produce it in high enough volumes. Officially, things are said to be getting better from here on out but we’re still receiving emails from disgruntled consumers that cannot get hold of one.
So, what’s next for OnePlus? According to @evleaks, Lettuce is the company's next big project. And by “Lettuce” we mean the OnePlus Two (Lettuce is its codename, apparently). Interestingly, the OnePlus was codenamed Bacon. Could the OnePlus Three be Tomato? Do they even have BLTs in China? We digress.
The leak did not mention anything to do with specs or hardware, or when the handset will launch. All we have is the predictable name and inside knowledge of OnePlus’ bizarre food-based codenaming convention. Based on what the company did with the OnePlus One, though, it is fairly safe to assume the OnePlus Two will be a high-end smartphone with a decent specs and, hopefully, wider LTE support than its predecessor, which was a bit lacking in this area.
OnePlus, after parting ways with Cyanogen, has been busy building its own custom Android ROM, known as Oxygen OS. You can read in detail about the new OS further down in this article. Oxygen OS is designed to be very close to a stock Android experience, similar to what is found on the Nexus 6, and features ZERO bloatware. OnePlus is all about the experience, and this philosophy certainly looks to have taken centre stage inside the company’s first attempt at a custom, Android-based mobile OS.  
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OnePlus Two Release Date 

In a recent Reddit AMA session OnePlus’ Carl and David fielded a bunch of questions about the future of the company and some of its upcoming products, such as the OnePlus Two. According to Carl, the “OnePlus 2 should be out in Q2 or Q3 of 2015. By that time, I’d think Android L would be standard.”
Unfortunately, OnePlus said that it will probably use the invite system for its next smartphone too, before moving on to limited preorders again.
“It will probably be invite-only for a short period of time, after which pre-orders are rolled out,” OnePlus wrote, much to the chagrin of every fan who’s been slighted by the highly selective system.
Coolicool claims the OnePlus Two will become available in 2015's third quarter.
OnePlus' CEO Carl Pei has spoken out about the forthcoming successor flagship stating that it will "surprise people." He also revealed the company will create seperate models for North American, European, and Asian markets to ensure a better range of mobile data network bands - a key criticism of the OnePlus One was that it only supported one band in the UK. However, Pei did confirm that OnePlus has apparently settled on a launch date in 2015's third quarter.
According to a report as of January 26, the OnePlus Two might have a slightly different name. Well, that's not strictly true, it'll be the same name just spelled differently; as "OnePlus 2" with the number, to be specific. What's more, the information comes via reputable news source Forbes, so it's worth paying some attention to.
Forbes' unnamed sources claim the handset will indeed run a rumoured Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset, and apparently this choice of silicon has brought about the Q3 2015 launch date we heard about previously. The report reiterates this as a firm launch bracket and alleges that it was settled on due to "manufacturing challenges" with the chip; this appears to be a reference to the same problems Samsung has reportedly encountered with the Galaxy S6, namely overheating issues.

OnePlus Two: Cyanogen Out, Oxygen OS In

OnePlus and Cyanogen have all but parted ways, for better or worse, and this has forced OnePlus to step up and create its own, custom Android-based OS. It’s called Oxygen OS and the company began officially detailing what users can expect from the platform on February 12 2015 inside its official blog space.
The removal of the Cyanogen logo shouldn't be seen as a sign that OnePlus is totally at war with Cyanogen - after all, the international One still ships with Cyanogen OS, and the companies have had issues only in India,” reports Phone Arena. “Earlier this month, OnePlus mentioned that it had ‘altered the back covers of all OnePlus Ones to feature a cleaner and more unified look across all regions.’ Now we know what that meant.

Why Build Your Own Custom OS? 

“By doing so, we can offer better localization and faster updates. We can directly implement user feedback and make it easy for the OnePlus community to shape our ROM and create the OS that they want to use. Integration between hardware, software, and the cloud will become more seamless and unified for everyone using a OnePlus device. By creating our own software, we’re better able to work directly with our users to improve our OS. It’s something we’ve become quite fond of saying: when we work together, amazing things happen.”

What Will Oxygen OS Be Like? 

“As we’ve promised before, OxygenOS will not ship with any bloatware. We’re keeping it clean and streamlined for performance. We value things like battery life and system efficiency, so we’ve remained true to our ROM’s namesake and created a seamless experience that is lightweight and essential.”
“Any additional features will be non-obtrusive and extremely useful (tap-to-wake and customisable navigation buttons, for example). With OxygenOS, we want to build something that works for users and gets out of their way. And, that’s exactly what we are doing.”

Oxygen OS Release Date 

OnePlus says there are a lot of certification hoops to jump through before a new platform can be disseminated out to handsets in the wild. For this reason, and the fact it is its first attempt at a mobile OS, OnePlus is currently conducting extensive tests on the platform to ensure that it works seamlessly and is perfectly stable when it is eventually released. 
“Because this is our first major software release, we have to ensure that everything is solid and stable before making it available for download. We wouldn’t ask you to settle for anything less, and we appreciate your patience.”
OnePlus Two Design & Display
We already knew from previous info that the OnePlus Two was a certainty, but Pei has since reiterated this and added that previously detailed info on the phone's size might no longer be accurate as the concept is still being hammered out. He said the device has had its display size changed several times, no doubt in a bid to find the correct sweet spot for users –– nobody wants a phone that is too big (just look at how some long-standing Nexus Users view the Nexus 6).
OnePlus re-seller Coolicool claims the OnePlus Two will have a 5.5in display but did not describe the resolution.

OnePlus Two Specs

A set of specs has leaked courtesy of an online re-seller of OnePlus handsets called Coolicool. The report claims we'll see a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 chip inside, alongside 32GB of onboard storage and a 3,100mAh battery cell. Other reports have, however, suggested the handset will instead run on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 CPU alongside 4GB of RAM. The display, tipped to remain the same size, will be a QHD variant meaning super-high-end performance, as you’ll find on the LG G3, Nexus 6 and Galaxy Note 4, and distinctly average battery life. 
The phone will also allegedly pack in a 16MP primary camera and a 5MP front-facer for selfies.
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