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Contoh Kalimat Tenses ~ PIECE BL☼G

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Contoh Kalimat Tenses

v  Simple Present Tense
1. Sun rises from east.
2. I don’t know where to go.
3. Do you speak Indonesian?
    Yes, I am
v  Present Perfect Tense
1. I have not done my home work yet.
2. Have you already taken bath ?
    No, I have not.
3. She has already liked my website fan page.
v  Present Continuous Tense
1. I am still working in my room.
2. You are not walking, but you are crawling.
3. Is he still sleeping in my bedroom?
    No, he is not.
v  Present Perfect Continuous Tense
1. Obito has been watching TV since 3 hours ago.
2. I have been cleaning the house since morning.
3. She has been living in Pekanbaru for 10 years.
v  Simple Past Tense
1. Omar traveled to Padang last month.
2. We talked about the tornado in America yesterday.
3. They waited me for an hour.
v  Past Perfect Tense
1. I had locked the door before I left my home.
2. The truck had crashed a boy before it finally stopped.
3. I didn’t know who he was. I had never seen he before.
v  Past Continuous Tense
1. Ajeng was cooking in the kitchen while I was watching a television yesterday morning.
2. He was reading a book while the library was closed.
3. They were not playing a football when I came here.
v  Past Perfect Continuous Tense
1. I had not learning English for a year at 2010.
2. When the guests came, we had been waiting for an hour.
3. He had been standing in front of the door for thirthy minutes before it was opened.
v  Simple Future Tense
1. She will be a famous singer in the future.
2. I won’t forgive you for you have hurt my heart.
3. Will you tell me about how to make a delicious cake?
    Yes, I will .

v  Future Continuous Tense
1. Beni will be climbing Merapi with his friend on Monday.
2. He will be teaching me at eight tomorrow.
3. You will not be leaving at this time. Because the car will be taken to repair.
v  Past Future Tense
1. Would you attend my birthday party if I invited you?
    Yes, I would
2. I knew you would prepare all the things for the meeting.
3. My father had a strong feeling that the weather would bewarm.
v  Past Future Perfect Tense
1. We would have arrived on time If we walked faster.
2. They would have got married if their parents had permitted.
Our team would have won the match if they had played better.

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